Getting Prepared Smoothly: Your GPS for Online Dating and Relationships

People are sometimes startled when they encounter my excitement around dating, relationships, and coaching. And they start wondering…

  • How I can talk about dating and relationships day in and day out?
  • Isn’t there only so much that can be said?
  • It sounds exhausting.
  • Do you really see success come out of this?
  • Why do you do it?

And this is what I tell them…

I’m inspired by my own years of experience with the dating process. I met my husband as a result of Internet dating.

And I love to help people, evidenced not only by my coaching practice but also by over 25 years as an event planner.

I have a listening ear – my friends can attest to that. A few years back they started saying, “Have you thought of making a career of coaching?”

So I trained as a coach for three years and found I had great passion for it.

And I’ve now had a coaching practice for over four years and I still love it.

Bottom line – I am (and always have been) captivated by people’s stories. I follow client conversations with my heart and my mind, and then add my experience and training to the mix. It’s a great combination – things begin to shift, intentions get set, and follow-through happens.

So, yes! There is success. And it warms my heart and energizes my days.

So you see – I just can’t resist this coaching thing. And now, I’m taking it a step further and starting a blog so I can pass on my insights, ideas, and recommendations and exchange thoughts with all of you.

Goal Setting   +  Purposeful Dating  =  Satisfying Relationships 


3 Responses to “Getting Prepared Smoothly: Your GPS for Online Dating and Relationships”

  1. Jane Garee Says:

    Really looking forward to reading your blog, Christine! I always love the suggestions and advice you have around relationships and yes…you are one good listener!

  2. Laurie Cantus Says:

    So excited to see your blog up and running, and to see your coaching business thriving! You *do* have a listening ear, Christine. My spirits are lifted every time we speak – any problem I have, whether it’s running out of Cheerios, or relationship advice, I feel heard. I can’t wait to see what sorts of things you get into on your blog – knowing you, it’s going to be AWE-SOME . xoxo and much love to you.

  3. Ashleigh Blatt Says:

    Hi Christine! I am so excited for you that your blog is up! You have so much to offer and such in depth knowledge of how and why people act the way they do! You know how to find the positive, pull it out and let it sink in! Congrats to you! Looking forward to reading more!

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