Are you ready to date?

Are you ready to date?

Are you getting ready to date?

Are you getting ready to get ready?

Confirming where you are today is the first step toward arriving where you want to be in a relationship tomorrow.

Let’s Talk GPS
Imagine you want to drive from San Francisco to New York. In order to get accurate directions you need to know and acknowledge you are starting in San Francisco, so you can put that location in the “starting” area of the directions.

You can imagine what would happen if:

A.  You were actually in San Francisco but didn’t know you were there (or didn’t want to acknowledge you were there, because you thought there was something wrong with actually being in San Francisco), so . . .

B.  You put Florida into the starting area of the directions (because Florida sounded like a much nicer place to be located and people might think you are a better person because you lived in Florida).

The result? Instead of driving toward the bright lights and big city you had in mind, you would quickly end up in the Atlantic Ocean.

What Does All This Have to Say About Dating?
The first step on your dating journey begins with figuring out where you are right now. Which category below describes you today?

(1) Are you ready to date?  The answer is YES if:

  • You know what you want and need.
  • You know what you have to offer.
  • You know what your initial goals are for dating.
  • You know what your ultimate goal is for dating.
  • You feel excited and ready to meet new people and want help creating a winning profile so the “right” people will recognize themselves when they read it.

Let’s work together to create a profile that tells the “right” person who you are and who you are looking for. Then – when you start receiving all those amazing responses – we’ll go through them together to ensure you only meet the ones who are a great match for you.

(2) Are you getting ready to date?  The answer is YES if:

  • Actually going out on a date feels like a lot of trouble.
  • You aren’t sure you have enough time to screen potential dates.
  • You aren’t sure where you will find time to fit dating into your very full schedule.

Let’s work together to examine what worked and didn’t work in your past relationships. Then, your future dates are likely to be with the  “right” people… people with whom you thoroughly enjoy spending time.

(3) Are you getting ready to get ready? The answer is YES if:

  • You continue to attract the same type of person over and over and you’re thinking “why bother, because I’ll never meet anyone different or better.”
  • Your relationships have all been with people who were (mean, possessive, unavailable, etc.)
  • You are new to dating and don’t even know where to begin.

Figuring out (and/or acknowledging) where you are in your thoughts and feelings about dating will start you on the right road to the relationship of your dreams. Together we can work through the blocks that might be keeping the love of your life away. Then, we’ll create solutions so you can release the blocks. This will get you “ready to be ready” to date people who are loving, kind and available.

So, which category best describes you?  Let me know in the comments!

Till next week, happy dating,

Dating and Relationship Expert

Goal Setting + Purposeful Dating = Satisfying Relationships



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