Dating advice: Intimacy on the first date?

Dear Christine:
I was married for 31 years and am now single. I remember when I was dating before my marriage, men were very respectful of the word “no” whether it was a kiss at the door after a first date or moving into a more intimate relationship. But, now I’m feeling so much pressure from men I have dated to be physical before I am ready. Am I old fashioned and out of step?  

~ Newly Single

Dear Newly Single,
You are definitely not old fashioned and out of step. I urge you to seek and honor your own level of comfort and stick to it. If a man will not take “no” for an answer then, most likely, he is not worth your valuable time. A man should respect your timing and know that no is no. It’s important to tell him you are flattered that he would like to be more physical with you and that you are very interested as well (if you are). Explain that you will need to “get to know him better” before “you get to know him better.” I encourage you to set your own pace. Only do what you feel comfortable doing when it feels right and you know your feelings will be respected and honored.

~ Christine
Dating and Relationship Expert

Goal Setting + Purposeful Dating = Satisfying Relationships


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