A few more words on updating your profile

My last blog entry talked about the “interests” section of your profile.

I’d like to detail this a bit more because – much of the time – I find people make their lists full of “physical” attributes and light on “mental, emotional, and spiritual” attributes.

Being physically attracted to the person you’re dating is important. However, it needs to be complemented by the other attributes.

So, revisit your list (or start one today) and be sure to include all the important areas of a well rounded person. And make sure each attribute is clearly defined. Here are some examples.

Example #1: Many women say they want a man with integrity. What does that mean to you? Does this mean he never lies? Or is a white lie okay so it won’t hurt someone’s feelings (do you tell all of the truth when asked a question)?

Example #2: Many women say they want a man who is fun. Does this mean he tells jokes? Plays miniature golf? Laughs at your jokes? Likes to play with kids?

Example #3: Lots of women say they want a man who is financially sound. Does this mean he knows how to save? Or that he evaluates items before he purchases them?

It’s important to ask yourself what you actually want and to clearly define each word. Otherwise, how will you know if “the right one” shows up? And how will your Perfect Catch know they fit your criteria if it’s not clear?

Continued happy dating,

~ Christine
Dating and Relationship Expert

Goal Setting + Purposeful Dating = Satisfying Relationships


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