Being yourself is the best screening process

Who are you in a relationship? Are you your authentic self? If you aren’t then who are you?

I’d like to share another relationship secret. Remember… when I do this, it gives you super powers. 🙂 And I hope you’ll always use your super powers for good.

Women (without this super power) change who they are when they’re in a relationship. And the most amazing part is—the more we’re attracted to the man—the more we think we need to change. So, we start out (on our first date) being mostly ourselves (it’s normal to put your best foot forward) and then as we go out more times (and like him even more) we start changing how we act, look, think, etc.

Have you ever thought (no matter who your real self is):

“Oh I know he’ll like me better if I don’t say this.”

“He’ll like me better if I do say that.”

“I need to wear this or not wear that so he’ll like me better.”

Now here’s the secret. He liked who you were or he wouldn’t have asked you out. And if he asked you out again (and you wanted to go out a second time) he still liked you.

And don’t you want him to like who you really are?

Here’s the super power. Men fall in love with you when you’re being your authentic self. The right man will love who you truly are. And men don’t want you to change who you are when they meet you.

So, if you start to feel like you need to change when you’re in a relationship, this is your first clue to return to who you really are.

When I met my husband the first time (and I had my debriefing call with my best friend afterward), I told her one of the best things I felt was that I could truly be myself. And then the night before my wedding when I had dinner with my best friend, she asked me how I was feeling and I honestly said, “I feel so relaxed and comfortable because I’m still being myself.”

~ Christine
Dating and Relationship Expert

Goal Setting + Purposeful Dating = Satisfying Relationships



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