Don’t sweat the small stuff

My step-daughter-in-law Danielle (she actually feels like a daughter-in-love) is a busy mother of two, always going 1000 miles an hour. So, she’s created great time-saving devices to get through the day.

One involves 4-year-old Evan. When Danielle takes his shirt off, she pulls it over his head (which turns it inside-out). Danielle leaves the shirt inside-out through the washing and drying process, so it’s easy to put the shirt back on Evan the same way and “ta da” it is right-side-out again.

Well, Evan has a huge problem with his shirt staying inside-out and protests. The shirt simply must be returned to its right-side-out state before going in the laundry.

This story has a good ending. Evan has learned to turn shirts right-side-out all by himself.

I have to admit I’m right there with Evan. I can’t leave a shirt wrong-side-out either. And I’m striving to be a little more like Danielle and not sweat the “small stuff.”

~ Christine
Dating and Relationship Expert

Goal Setting + Purposeful Dating = Satisfying Relationships



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