About Christine

Working with brides and couples for more than two decades, Christine has helped countless men and women through emotional and stressful situations. This has given her the opportunity to perfect her gift of being able to hear everyone’s point of view. During those years, she personally witnessed the benefits of people meeting and marrying “the perfect catch” and the huge challenges that arise when they don’t.

Christine brings to her coaching the knowledge gained from her own use of online dating. Through this process, she met her husband Tony; they were married in 2007.

With years of experience working for a major coaching organization, Christine has helped hundreds of individuals and couples successfully through their dating/relationship process.

Creating the programs included in The Perfect Catch was a perfect “marriage” of her life experiences and talents.

Christine is an expert at listening to who you are and then using that information to help you explore your dating and relationship needs.

She believes the answers are already there – they lie within you. Her passion is to help you find your own unique path as you seek that special someone.

Christine is deeply committed to helping you clearly define the core wants and needs you desire from a partner. She helps you learn valuable skills for moving past personal road blocks. As you apply the truths, you learn about yourself, you’ll be able to attract the love you want and deserve.

Christine has studied with M.P. Wylie PhD, creator of the Journey to Love course and founder of Relationship Research Foundation.

Author Tom Blake recommends Christine’s online dating classes in his book Finding Love After 50.


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