About GPS

People are sometimes startled when they encounter my excitement around dating, relationships, and coaching. And they start wondering…

  • How I can talk about dating and relationships day in and day out?
  • Isn’t there only so much that can be said?
  • It sounds exhausting.
  • Do you really see success come out of this?
  • Why do you do it?

And this is what I tell them…

I’m inspired by my own years of experience with the dating process. I met my husband as a result of Internet dating.

And I love to help people, evidenced not only by my coaching practice but also by over 25 years as an event planner.

I have a listening ear – my friends can attest to that. A few years back they started saying, “Have you thought of making a career of coaching?”

So I trained as a coach for three years and found I had great passion for it.

And I’ve now had a coaching practice for over four years and I still love it.

Bottom line – I am (and always have been) captivated by people’s stories. I follow client conversations with my heart and my mind, and then add my experience and training to the mix. It’s a great combination – things begin to shift, intentions get set, and follow-through happens.

So, yes! There is success. And it warms my heart and energizes my days.

So you see – I just can’t resist this coaching thing. So, I started this blog to pass on my insights, ideas, and recommendations and exchange thoughts with all of you.

Goal Setting + Purposeful Dating = Satisfying Relationships


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